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Do too many cooks spoil the broth?

Not if you are in Govanhill, an area with a long history of migration where you can hear more than 50 different languages spoken in 13 tenement blocks.

International cuisine has become very popular as recipes from different regions of the world are becoming an increasingly common part of our weekly menus. But what do we actually know about the people and cultures where this food belongs?

A total of 26 recipes from 20 different countries of the world are found in this surprising cookbook, stretching from Chilean Empanadas to Sarmale from Romania. We have collected recipes within the community to reflect the diversity and the cultural richness of this area and celebrate the Legacy of the Commonwealth Games.

There was more than cooking involved in this project.

Friends of Roma Voice also known as Romano Lav is a local charity organisation leading this community project. This organisation has intended to let the participants have the ownership of this initiative expanding their food cultural and increasing their organizational skills so that they could eventually run the cooking workshops themselves.

New migrants alongside the established community have had the chance to get to know each other better through their respective food cultures and celebrate the diversity and have a chance to taste different dishes and form new friendships.



This book and the entire project wouldn’t have been possible without the Big Lottery Fund “Celebrate”. Many thanks for having faith in out small organization and our ambitious goals.

We are grateful to all the participants for their recipes and their enthusiasm, to food tutor Fatima Uygun for her professionalism and endless energy, to photographer and editor Lisa Craig for the stunning pictures which make this book precious, to Barbara, Erik, Michel, Lenka, Nikola for the childcare which allowed the mums to fully enjoy the workshops and to the staff of “Govanhill Baths” for their assistance.

Also to Marcela Adamova, Eva Kurova and Alberta Capasso for writing, coordinating and making this project possible.
Thanks for visiting the website!…….Friends of Roma Voice